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5 Reasons You Need A Personalised A5 Notebook

5 Reasons You Need A Personalised A5 Notebook

They can be personalised

the best thing about our personalised A5 notebooks is that they can be personalised. Whether it’s an image of your last holiday, your favourite picture of a pet, or a loving message. When you add your personalisation to our notebook it makes it totally unique and like no other. What’s best is that our notebooks also make the perfect gift. So whether you want to treat yourself or are looking for a present for a loved one, a personalised notebook makes a great choice!

Number of colours to choose from

We have a range of different colour A5 notebooks to choose from. If you look at our A5 Mole Notebooks you will find 12 different vibrant colours to choose from, whilst our pastel notebook section includes 4 beautiful pastel colours. There’s a great choice to choose from, but which you pick just depends on what your favourite colours is.

Preset designs

As well as being able to upload your own background to your notebook. We also have a selection of preset designs to choose from, all of which can still be personalised in some way. So if you are struggling to create your own notebook, these designs are a perfect choice. simply choose your favourite and then add a name or message of your choosing.

Quality of our Personalised A5 Notebook

When you purchase A Personalised A5 Notebook, from Personalised Notebook, you know you are getting a quality product. Not only are the notebooks themself high-quality and soft-touch, but we have also invested in the best print machines. allowing us to print visual y stunning designs that you have created onto your chosen notebooks.

Free delivery on our Personalised A5 Notebooks

No matter if you order 3 pens or 10 notebooks, every order placed on our website will receive free delivery! Meaning that that price you see for our products is the price you pay. When you order with us there will be no surprise postage cost to add to your order. As everyone receives free delivery in 3-5 days after your order is placed.