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Pre-set Notebook Designs

When looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, colleague or friend, we understand making a decision on what to get them can be difficult. Which is why a Personalised Notebook makes the perfect gift, as who doesn’t need a notebook at some point! If you are looking for a gift then our Pre-set Notebook Designs are perfect for you!

Pre-set Notebook Designs

We currently have 12 standard designs for you to choose from. All of which can be printed on all of our notebooks including our A5 and A6 sizes. So whether you’re looking for a notebook for your grandad, niece or friends, we have a design that you will love.

Our currently pre-set designs have proven to be very popular. So much so that we are planning to create even more so that we have a number of design options for any occasion!

How to Personalise one of our Pre-set Notebook Designs.

  1. Choose whether you would like an A6 or A5 notebook.
  2. If you would like an A5 notebook, then choose which style you like best.
  3. Then when on the product page click ‘view ready-made standard designs’.
  4. Choose which standard design you like best.
  5. You can then change the colour of your notebook using the ‘change colour’ tab.
  6. If you click the ‘add text’ tab, you can then change the name that is featured on the design.
  7. Once you are happy with your notebook, simply add it to your cart.

Personalising one of our Pre-set Notebook Designs really is that easy! But if you would like to add your very own image to one of our face masks, then you can do using our personaliser!

If you are looking for a gift for a tech lover then why not check out our sister site Personalised Powerbank! Where you can add your own images to one of our power banks!

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Back To Work Notebooks

It is safe to say that 2020 probably did not turn out the way anyone expected it to. But as the UK starts to relax their guidelines, you may be concerned about returning to work. Although it’s down to your workplaces to ensure you are safe, there are measures you can take to enhance this. One of the ways you can do this is with our range of Back To Work Notebooks and pens.

Our Back To Work Notebooks and Pens are perfect as they can be personalised with your own design and name. Therefore allowing your everyone to know who the pen or notebook belongs to and ensuring no cross-contamination can happen.

Back To Work Notebooks

So what are you waiting for, add an inspiration quote to one of our notebooks to create the perfect Back To Work Notebooks!

Personalised Facemask

Did you know we also have a sister website called Personalised Facemask? Here our speciality is creating non-medical face masks that allow you to show your personality, even if you can’t show your smile.

However, these are not just any facemasks! As at Personalised Face Mask, you can create your own custom printed mask, using your photos, images, and text. Or if you prefer, you can choose from one of our stylish pre-set designs. Face Mask Qualities

Being washable at 60 degrees the mask that you create is also reusable and anti-bacterial yarn will kill 99.9% of bacteria. This also saves on throw away PPE masks that will go to a landfill, in turn protecting frontline workers who require PPE currently in short supply.

Currently face coverings are recommended on public transport and in situations where you cannot socially distance. Thus, meaning that masks will shortly become the norm and worn regularly, so you want them to be comfy right? Our masks and earloops have moisture-wicking properties to provide extra comfort. So, when you choose Personalised Face Mask that isn’t something you have to worry about.

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3 Reasons Our Notebooks Make the Perfect Gift

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a birthday present, Christmas gift or just a little something to say thank you, then look no further, we have what you are looking for! Our Personalised Notebooks make the perfect gift and here’s why.

Why you should choose Personalised Notebook


Personalising a notebook is as easy as any other product in our range! From our online designer, you can upload images from your desktop or social media. Then once you have done this, you can add any text that you desire.

So, upload their favourite image of their friends, family members or pets and you instantly have a unique present that they will love.

The Perfect Gift

Everyone uses a notebook at some point during the week. Whether you are a student who needs one for their notes, an office worker who needs to quickly jot down their ideas, or a builder who needs to remember measurements for a job, a notebook does the trick.

What good is a notebook without a pen? To create the perfect gift, we also have our range of personalised pens that match our notebooks and can be engraved with any name or message.

Free Delivery in 3 Working Days

As with all of the products on our website, our Notebooks come with have free delivery, so there are no hidden costs and the price you see is the price you pay.

We will also ensure that your products are delivered to you within 3 working days, meaning even if you have left purchasing a present to the last minute, our chargers and powerbanks will be with you in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? Start designing your Notebook today and create the perfect gift for a loved one or even a treat for yourself.

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Personalising a Notebook – top tips

Personalising a Notebook. Are you a business which is looking to add your logo onto a mask? Or a member of the public who simply wants to create a mask that is truly unique? Whichever you are, our online personaliser is perfect for adding your own images, logo or text to a face mask.

Our personaliser works in real-time, so when you choose Personalised Notebook, you don’t have to guess what your mask will look like and simply hope for the best when it is delivered. You can view and edit it before you even add it to your basket. Allowing your mask to look just as you wanted it to.

So that you can create your perfect mask, below are a few tips and tricks that may help.

Personalising a Notebook

When you first open the personaliser, on the right-hand side, you can see that there are a number of boxes that will allow you to personalise your mask. Let’s go through these.

Choose a Colour

TWhen you click this first top box, it allows you to change the colour of the notebook that you have chosen. You you see that when you click a different colour, this will change the preview image colour on the left-hand side.

Add Your Image

When you click the Add Image section, you will see that new boxes appear (please see below). Let’s walk through what these do.

Personalising a Face Mask

Firstly the ‘Dropdown Menu’ allows you to choose if you would like your image to run across the whole mask, ‘this would be the ‘full coverage’ option. Or if you what your image on either side you would choose the ‘left background’ or ‘right background options’.

Next the ‘Add Image‘ button, as you would guess this allows you to upload your chosen image. This can either be from your computer, your social media or even a QR code.

If you are adding a logo, then it may have a white or black background around it. Our ‘Remove Background‘ button allows you to remove this so it won’t be seen on your mask.

The next group of buttons allows you to resize, rotate, reposition or delete your added image. If you don’t want to use these buttons you can also use all of these functions by clicking on your logo and using your mouse.

Adding Text

When you click the select ‘Add Text‘ section, you will see that a new box appears.

This section allows you to add text to your notebook. You can also change your chosen texts size, colour, font and position.

Choosing Quantity and Adding To Cart

Once you are happy with your mask design, simply choose the quantity you would like to order and then click ‘Add To Cart’.

We hope our Personalising a Notebook top tips have been useful, but if you have any more questions or require any more help please contact a member of our team at

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The Perfect Personalised Father’s Day Gift

It’s safe to say that this year hasn’t quite gone as we all would have imagined it to. However, during these worrying times, we have learnt that we shouldn’t take our loved ones for granted. We have learnt how hard it is to be apart. Which is why this year more then ever it is important to find the perfect Personalised Father’s Day Gift that shows you care.

This year Father’s Day falls on Sunday, 21 June and is only a couple of weeks away. But don’t panic, here at Personalised Notebook we have the perfect gift that will put a smile on his face!

No matter if your Dad’s favourite thing to do is play golf, watch football or to spend time with his family, we can help you create a personalised and meaningful gift that he will treasure.

The Perfect Personalised Father’s Day Gift


All of our range of notebooks can be personalised with your own images. So why not add a family photo, so he can keep you with him, even when you have to be apart. Or upload an image of the family pet that will always put a smile on his face. You can even add a message so he knows how much you appreciate him.


What use is a notebook without a pen? They go together like a cup of tea and biscuits! Which is why we also offer a great range of pens that can be personalised to match your notebook. Allowing you to create the perfect present with this personalised duo.

Fast Free Delivery

Here at Personalised Notebook, you receive fast free delivery with every order. So, what are you waiting for? The clock is counting down to get the Personalised Father’s Day Gift! Order a gift that he will treasure today!


If your Dad loves tech, then when not visit our sister website Personalised Powerbank. Here you receive that same great service, but can personalise our range of powerbanks!

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Back To Work Personalised Stationery

Back To Work Personalised Stationery

We know that you are probably anxious about your return to work and you are not alone. It has been reported that three-in-four Brits are feeling ‘very nervous’ about being back in a work environment. But what can you do to help protect yourself? It has been advised that those going back to work, school, or university, ensure that they have their own stationery to help stop the spread of germs.

However, if you are going back to work in an office setting, then we understand how hard it can be to keep a track of your pen or ensure that your notebook is not left lying around. And this is where Personalised Notebook can help!

All of our notebooks and pens can be personalised with your name. Ensuring that there is no mix up when it comes to stationary and that yourself and those around you are safe.

You can also add an image or picture to our notebooks. So why not add a past holiday snap to remind you of better times. Or an inspirational quote to get you through the day. No matter what you design, there is one thing that is for sure, no one will mistake your notebook and pen for theirs.

We also can offer a discount on bulk buys, so if you are a manager or business owner and would like to supply your staff with their own personalised stationery we can help. Simple email to find out more.

If you have to use public transport to travel to work, then you have also been advised to wear a facemask on your journey. But who wants a boring mask when you can design one yourself? A mask that kills 99.9% of bacteria and helps you show your character even when you can’t show your smile! If you are looking for a mask that does just that, then head over to our sister website Personalised Facemask. Here you can create your own mask or choose from one of our pre-set design.

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Getting Back to What We Do Best

what we do best at personalised notebook

The safety of our staff and our customers has and will always be our top priority. Which is why over the last couple of weeks we have been busy putting safety measures and systems in place. After doing this and following government guidelines, we are now happy to announce that we are open for business. We are getting back to what we do best, to help you spread happiness and joy!

We have a great range of notebooks to choose from. So, whether you are looking for a unique birthday present for a friend? A gift for a loved one that you miss? Or even a little treat to remind yourself that better times are ahead? We have you covered! Creating Personalised Notebooks is what we do best, so let us help you create a meaningful and heart-filled gift.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will also be running promotions on our Twitter page. So, make sure you are following us for you chance to win free powerbanks, enter competitions and so much more!

To help support the NHS during this time we have also created a rainbow powerbank range on our sister site Personalised Powerbank. As over the last couple of weeks, the rainbow has become the symbol of hope across the UK, we thought it would be fitting to create this new collection. So, why not view the range today and we can help you do what we do best – spread happiness.

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Our Range of Personalised Pens

Personalised pens and notebook

Here at Personalised Notebook, we aren’t just specialists in providing the highest quality notebooks. Oh no, we also specialise in Personalised Pens, as what use is a notebook without a pen! They go together link strawberries and cream and we can provide you with them both right here on our website.

We currently have two styles of pens that you can personalise. Whichever you choose is bound to be a great companion for your notebook. But to make choosing a little easier, we decided to compare both pens for you so that you can make the correct choice.

The Personalised Curvy Ballpen

These personalised pens are available in Black, Red, Blue, Green, White or Silver. Allowing you to perfectly match your new pen to one of our notebooks. They also have a large printing area, making them perfect for maximising your name or message.

To personalise this product, we will print your chosen text onto the pen.

The Personalised Stardust Ballpen

Our Stardust Ballpen’s are available in Black, Dark Blue, Mid Blue, Orange and Red. Allowing you to perfectly match your new pen to one of our notebooks. When you combine this with their soft touch feel, they make the perfect writing tool.

Unlike our Curvy ball pens, these pens will be engraved with your name or message.

Personalising Our Pens

Creating your new personalised pen couldn’t be easier. Simply use our online designer to choose your pen colour and add your text to get an idea of what your new pen will look like once printed.

Picking A Notebook

All of the notebooks that you can see on our website come fitted with a pen loop to hold your new pen. So, which you choose simply depends on what size and colour you would like your notebook to be. View our Personalised Notebook collection today on our website.

So, what are you waiting for? Our Personalised Pens and Notebooks make the perfect gift for a loved one or treat for yourself! With free express delivery, order yours today!

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Personalised A5 Notebooks

our range of personalised A5 notebooks

Are you looking for that perfect gift? One that will put a smile on someone’s face, whilst also being useful? Or are you are looking for a new work notebook, one that is motivational, and you will love to use? Whichever it is, we have got you covered with our range of Personalised A5 Notebooks.

We have a total of three different Personalised A5 Notebooks to choose from here at Personalised Notebook. All of which can be printed with your own images and text. As our A5 notebooks are the largest of our range they have the largest surface area, making them perfect to add your favourite pictures too.

A5 Mole Notebook

Our A5 PU soft finish Mole Notebook is the perfect product for those seeking coloured luxury stationery that they can personalise. With 12 different colours to choose from, you can design your book to look just as you want it.

A5 Holly Notebook

If you are looking to keep your notebook sleek and stylish then you need to choose our A5 Holly Notebook. Available in Black or White with a matching elastic closure band, ribbon page marker and pen loop, they create a simple but stylish base for your chosen image.

A5 Holly Edge Notebook

This striking notebook is only available with a Black cover. However, the different colour options allow you to add some detail to the page edges, pen loop, elastic closure band and ribbon page marker. Allowing you to create a classic notebook with a pop of colour.

What good are Personalised A5 Notebooks without a pen? We are also able to personalise a collection of pens which make the perfect companion to our notebooks. Or if you are looking for an extra special notebook then why not check out our Wireless Charging Notebook on our sister website.

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Corona Virus Update

As a company, we have been closely monitoring the advice set by the government in regards to the Corona virus pandemic.

The health and happiness of our staff and customers are, as ever, our number one priority. Which is why we have made the difficult decision to suspend all operations here at Personalised Notebook.

Please Note: Any orders placed before the 25th March 2020, will still be printed and delivered.

During this time, we have a number of staff members working from home to ensure that when we come out the other side we will be ready to get straight back into it and have a number of new products ready to launch.

We will continue to provide regular updates, but you can be assured of our best attention at all times.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Lloyd Simpson, Managing Director